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Welcome to “Bhim Poultry Farm”

Bhim Poultry Farm implements sustainable free-range poultry or chicken-raising with hybrid birds. Our chicken’s excellent flavor, texture, and health coverage all contribute to the rise in demand for organic poultry products.

Modern poultry farming technology and organic hens raised on naturally fertile free-range land are used in poultry farms. Due to the strong demand, Nepal’s poultry industry is one of the fastest developing in the country. You can learn about organic chicken farming practices by visiting our free-range natural poultry farm in Nepal. If you’re interested in ordering organic meat or eggs online, feel free to contact with us.

Message From MD

In our Poultry farms follow sustainable free range poultry or raising domesticated birds like chicken, turkey, emu, ostrich, guinea fowl, duck, goose etc. health benefits of pastured poultry, are superior texture, hygiene and flavor that play the vital role to increase in demand for organic poultry products.

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