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A holistic approach to leadership for good health based on biologically active soil is used in organic poultry production to increase the welfare of the birds as well as environmental sustainability.

The hen had to have been fed organic feed, which is made without synthetic pesticides, medications, antibiotics, or genetically modified crops, for the egg to be certified as organic. Rations containing meat by products, such as meat and bone meal, shouldn’t be fed to hens employed to produce organic eggs. Additionally, eggs from chickens who consume hormone- and drug-free diets have been given the “organic” label. The hens used to produce these organic eggs must be raised in deep litter systems and given enough space to roam freely. We follow the all this to our poultry farm.

Bhim poultry farm provides organic eggs and meats to the customer. Because we have taken customer health as a first priority.


Our Aim of Farming Organic Poultry

  • Generate a sufficient supply of nourishing food.
  • To engage in positive, life-improving interactions with natural cycles and systems.
  • Evaluating the system of organic production and processing’s broader social and ecological effects.
  • To reduce pollution in all its manifestations.